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Studio C Artists is proud to present the next in their one act “room” series… IN THE BASEMENT. This collection of brand new short plays is a collaboration of 3 producers, 5 directors, 8 writers, and 20 actors and is comprised of 8 plays that all take place in a basement setting. The shows cover a wide variety of topics including romance, deception, lying, hostage taking, captivity, families, and one very odd sense of interior decorating! There is a nice mix of comedy & drama IN THE BASEMENT – “Wait ’til you see what’s down there!”

Studio C Artists will showcase 4 of the plays on one night (“Dank”) and the other 4 plays on the next night (“Musty”).  Both shows will alternate between Fridays and Saturdays. Please check schedule for details.

This series is also being entered as a participant in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The festival runs from June 11-28, 2015, along Theatre Row in Hollywood, CA.  Awards are given out to shows in various categories.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TICKETS FOR THE FRINGE PERFORMANCES (ALL JUNE SHOWINGS) ARE ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE.

The short plays are broken into two groups to run on different nights:

“Dank” – runs 6/12, 6/20, 6/26, 7/11, 7/17, & 7/25

  • HOSTAGE SITUATION by Scott Vinci – Directed by Warren Davis; Starring Christina Calph & Jim Shipley
  • THE BELOW by Blaire Baron Larsen – Directed by Blaire Baron Larsen; Starring Blaire Baron Larsen, Esdras Toussaint, & David Yow
  • CLEAN ROUTINE by John C. Davenport and Jaryl Draper – Directed by Warren Davis; Starring David Dickerson, Ashley Key, & Taylor Lee Marr
  • HOMELAND INSECURITY by Maximillian Gill – Directed by Amanda Hallman; Starring Rico Dakhil, Mike Shaffrey, & Brett David Stelter

 “Musty” – runs 6/13, 6/19, 6/27, 7/10, 7/18, & 7/24

  • SURPRISE by S. L. Daniels – Directed by Rochelle Leffler; Starring Taylor Lee Marr & Mindy Montavon
  • COROLLARIES by Jonuel Pozo – Directed by John Coppola; Starring Emily Button, Phillip Pruitt, & Kate Robertson
  • REEL WOOD by Joe Gulla – Directed by Blaire Baron Larsen; Starring Will Gressman & Esdras Toissaint
  • CAPTIVE by Amy Frances Wright – Directed by Amanda Hallman; Starring Cesar Azanza & Anna-Laurie Rives
All Performances Start At 8:00PM.
Both groups will alternate between Fridays and Saturdays.  
Please check schedule for details:
Dank Musty
Friday, June 12th Saturday, June 13th
Saturday, June 20th Friday, June 19th
Friday, June 26th Saturday, June 27th
Saturday, July 11th Friday, July 10th
Friday, July 17th Saturday, July 18th
Saturday, July 25th Friday, July 24th
General Admission – $20.00 ($15 Early Bird*)

Approximate running time: 90 minutes

Artistic Director: John Coppola
Producer: Michael Sonntag
Asst. Artistic Director: Dean Donofrio
Stage Manager: Alex Nicholas
Set Design: Brian Cole

* Use the promo code “earlybird” to get $5 off General Admission seating up to 24 hours prior to the performance.